1.1. The Client receives the vehicle, with the normal vehicle maintenance, with the required documentation, which includes the Addendum to the Agreement, and commits to return the vehicle, to a Autatlantis’s employee, in good usage and clean conditions, at the time and place designated in the Agreement.

1.2. Within normal business hours (09h00-19h00), vehicles deliveries/collections are performed in Autatlantis’s offices without extra costs, except in Airports and Harbors. Out of this schedule a 30€ fee is applied, but not cumulative with other delivery/collection fee. In Airports, Hotels and Harbors, a delivery/collection fee is applied, for more information, please contact the Reservations Center [ or (+351) 296 205 340].

1.3. The Autatlantis is not liable for losses/theft/ robbery/damage of any property left in the vehicle, during and after the rental.

1.4. Minimum rental of 24 hours counting from the date and time of vehicle delivery. If the vehicle is not returned on the agreed date/time (60 minutes grace period), Autatlantis reserves the right of charge an additional daily rate of the vehicle, for each day of delay.

1.5. If the Client decides to terminate the Agreement in advance, the amount corresponding to the days on which he did not enjoy the vehicle (taxes included) will be fully withheld as compensation.

1.6. If the vehicle exhibits intern or extern dirt contrary to a prudent use, requiring an extraordinary cleaning instead of an ordinary cleaning offered in a self-service manual washing center, can the Autatlantis apply an extra fee of €50.

1.7. If it is not possible to check the vehicle when it is returned, namely due to dirt, this observation should be made in the particular conditions, and the vehicle’s return will be conditioned upon its previous cleaning.


2.1. The Client specially agrees to:

a) Use the vehicle in a prudent manner, ensuring that the vehicle is locked in a safe place and that the documents are not left inside the vehicle (notwithstanding the obligation of the Client to always carry them);

b) Pay the rental price and the applicable costs that may be charged by the Autatlantis, for any vehicle damage caused by negligence or non-compliance of the rental agreement.

2.2 Under penalty of exclusion from insurance coverage, Client won’t allow the vehicle to be:

a) Driven by someone not accepted in the agreement; under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or in a similar altered state that reduces perception and responsiveness; under the age of 21 years; and holder of a driving license for less than one year;

b) Used to push/pull any vehicle or any other object with or without wheels; enter in any kind of sports event/competition/reconnaissance, official or not; used as a means of transportation in violation of the Law, especially the provisions set out in the Registration Document (DAU);

2.3. Drivers from 21 to 23 years old and at least 1 year with drive license may rent a vehicle through payment of daily fee of €20.

2.4. To be covered by existing insurance, all drivers must be mentioned in the rental contract. It is possible to add two additional drivers, through payment of an additional fee of €4,90 per day per each additional driver, with a maximum of €29 per driver and per rent.

2.5. Regarding the vehicle and its documents, the Client is forbidden to perform the following acts: sublet, lend, assign, sell, encumber, give as security, modify or place advertisement.

2.6. The vehicle may only be driven on the Island of the Azorean Archipelago where it has been rented, unless prior written permission of the Autatlantis.


3.1. The price is determined by the rate in force for the vehicle category and paid in advance.

3.2. If the Client wishes to extend the rental, must go to one of the Autatlantis’s offices in due time to update the contract and settle the remaining rental days.

3.3. The Client undertakes to pay/provide as security to Autatlantis, besides the rental price:

a) The deposit or the deductible due for the rental, in accordance with the fees in force;

b) Additional services:

Baby Chair/Child Safety Seat available through payment of 5€ daily fee, until maximum of 50€ per rent, with a liability of 60€.

GPS equipment available through payment of 10€ daily fee, until maximum of 75€ per rent, with a liability of 100€ .

Wifi equipment available through payment of 8,5€ daily fee, until maximum of 45€ per rent, with a liability of 50€.

c) The amounts corresponding to damages resulting from accident of its responsibility, in case of theft/robbery, and the expenses of hospitalization and medical assistance of driver/passengers are not covered by insurance. If damages are covered, only up to the maximum amount of the deductible.

d) Judicial/extrajudicial costs, administrative or criminal penalties, whatever its nature, arising from a breach of Law attributable to the Client or to the usage of the vehicle during the rental;

e) If the Autatlantis is notified to identify the driver, Client is responsible to pay 40€ related with administrative expenses;

f) An administrative process opening fee in case of accident or beakdown of €40;

g) Costs incurred by the Autatlantis to remedy any contractual breach committed by the Client;

3.4. For the purpose of guaranteeing the performance of rental agreement, the Client shall deposit in credit card, up to the maximum amount of €600, authorizing the Autatlantis to complete and debit the due amounts;

3.5. The deposit shall be returned soon as the vehicle is returned and all the amounts have been settled. If there are any outstanding amounts, the Autatlantis will first deduct the deposit, without prejudice to claim the outstanding amounts.


4.1. If the Client decides to cancel vehicle reservation, the amount corresponding to the value paid for reservation assurance (taxes included) will be fully withheld as compensation.


5.1. If a technical problem is detected, the Client shall immediately immobilize the vehicle and contact the Autatlantis through the travel assistance number 24h, (+351) 966 000 019.

5.2. Towing expenses due to vehicles misuse are of the Client’s responsibility.

5.3. The vehicle shall be delivered and returned with a full fuel tank; the non-compliance of this obligation shall give the right to the Autatlantis to charge the missing fuel, plus a refueling service fee, of 15€, as legally permitted.

5.4. If a type of fuel other than the proper one is used in the vehicle, the Client will be responsible for the fuel replacement, disassembling and tank cleaning, tuning and repairs.

5.5. In the event of an accident or damage attributable to the Client, the Autatlantis is not obliged to provide a replacement vehicle, and the amount corresponding to the days on which he did not enjoy the vehicle (taxes included) will be fully withheld as compensation.


6.1. The Client and/or the authorized driver are insured by an automobile insurance policy covering limited civil liability up to a maximum of €50 million. In case of accident or damage caused by the Client, he is fully responsible for any and every damages and/or defects caused, total or partial theft of the vehicle, as well as days the vehicle is immobilized with the Client being impeached payment for these days following the category of the rented car in our chart accordingly.

6.2. The Client must protect Autatlantis’s and insurance company’s interests by:

a) Notifying immediately any accident, theft, burglary and or fire, even partial, to the authorities; and shall also notify the Autatlantis of the occurrence of any such events within the period of 24h;

b) Filling the European Accident Statement, mentioning the actual circumstances in which the accident occurred, name and address of witnesses, the owner and the driver of the third vehicle involved, and the registration number, trademark, insurance company and policy number of such third vehicle;

c) Identifying in the European Accident Statement a third party responsible for damages caused to the car, failing which it will be responsible for the payment of the amount up to the deductible, unless a deductible reduction service was previously contracted.

d) Not abandoning the scene of any incident before the arrival of the authorities, under penalty of having to pay for any damages arising, not having the insurance coverage any effect;

6.3. The Client may contract the following insurances:

i. Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.): If previously hired, in case of accident, crash or rollover, Client’s responsibility for damages caused to the vehicle may be reduced to the payment of a mandatory liability, as long as has been Client´s responsibility, excluding damages under the vehicle, damages in the windscreen, rim and tires destroyed.

ii. Theft Protection (T.P.): If previously hired, in case of theft of all or part of the vehicle, Client’s responsibility may be waived to the payment of the liability, provided that terms and conditions of the rental agreement haven’t been breached. The Client is obliged to make the participation to competent authorities, as well insurance coverage may also be cancelled if the keys are not returned in case of theft/burglary of the vehicle. This insurance doesn’t cover personal belongings or goods.

iii. Personal Accident Insurance (P.A.I.): If previously hired, in case of accident driver and remaining passengers will be covered for medical expenses until 250€ per passenger, in case of death or permanent disability a coverage of 5.000€ per passenger.

iv. SUPER C.D.W.: If previously hired, with C.D.W. and T.P. the Client is reducing mandatory liability for damages, to a minimum value, illustrated on Insurances and Liabilities Table. Excludes damages under the vehicle, damages in the windscreen, rim and tires destroyed.

v. Windscreen Damage Waiver (W.D.W.): If previously hired, with C.D.W., T.P. and SUPER C.D.W., the Client is reducing to the value of mandatory liability, to a minimum value, illustrated on Insurances and Liabilities Table.

vi. Tire and Rim Waiver (T.R.W.): If previously hired, with C.D.W., T.P. and SUPER C.D.W., the Client is reducing to the value of mandatory liability, to a minimum value, illustrated on Insurances and Liabilities Table.

vii. Liabilities: In case of accident, the Client is responsible for paying a liability per occurrence, up to a maximum amount specified in each group.

6.4. Only the Client or authorized drivers may benefit from the deductible reduction services (Insurances and Liabilities table); any failure to comply with this provision will imply the cancellation of any insurance coverage; the insurance coverage may also be cancelled in case of accident caused by negligence, intoxication, use of narcotics or non-compliance by the Client or the driver of any general and specific rental conditions of the rental agreement, and any legal rules, Client is liable for damage caused to the vehicle, as well as by the period of vehicle immobilization.



7.1. According with the General Data Protection Regulation, the Autatlantis, as the data controller, will process Client’s personal data for various purposes: client management purposes, compliance with Autatlantis’s legal obligations (as set forth in DL 181/2012 of 06.08, DL 15/88 of 16.01 and DL 47/2018 fo 20.06) purposes. For said purposes, the Client authorizes the Autatlantis to carry on with the processing of the following categories of personal data: name; phone number; mobile phone; age; home address; tax number; passport number and date of issue or; citizen card and expiration date; number of driving license and date of issue; email.

7.2. In case of breach of contract, the Client hereby consents to the Autatlantis to communicate his personal data to ARAC (Associação dos Industriais de Aluguer de Automóveis sem Condutor), for inclusion of such personal data in the defaulting clients database.

7.3. For the purpose of entering into this agreement, the management of the contractual relationship, the preliminary proceedings prior to entering into the rental agreement and the Client negotiating statement, as to the pursuit of the legitimate interests of the Autatlantis, the Client authorizes the Autatlantis to make the physical and/or digital of Client’s Citizen Card, as well as the driving license, and to store such reproductions for the time strictly necessary for such purposes.

7.4. The Autatlantis may communicate the personal data to the police and/or judicial authorities in case of request regarding motoring offences to the Road Traffic Code and for criminal investigations reasons; and to ARAC for inclusion in the defaulting clients database.

7.5. The Autatlantis assures to the Client the exercise of the rights foreseen in law, including the right of opposition, rectification and deletion to the processing, which should be done through registered letter to the address Rua dos Manaias, n.os 53/57, Largo de Santo André, 9500-084 Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Açores, Portugal.